Welcome to our Spring Exhibition - Alice in wonderland

Blick durch ein Schlüsselloch in Hecke zeigt gemalte Alice im Wunderland.
"It will be magical at the krewelshof!"

In 2023 we host our first spring exhibition! We are so excited to present our interpretation of „Alice in Wonderland“. Don’t miss it: The exhibition opens on April 29th and runs until June 30th.

Please visit the main home page for the entrance fees (range approx. from 6 – 9 € p.p. )

Die Grinsekatze können Sie auf der Frühlingsschau unter dem Motto "Alice im Wunderland" auf dem Krewelshof entdecken.

Here the rules of logic are turned upside down.

Many XXL figures and crazy photo points are wait for you.

Also a highlight of the show is the blooming, grinning Cheshire Cat, known for giving Alice advice in riddle form and puns. Escape everyday life and just do what you feel like doing.

Come to us at the Krewelshof and enjoy the wondrous world of Alice. Feel free to dress up! We look forward to you!

Dog gives owner paws, to show that dogs are welcome at Krewelshof.

Dogs are welcome! Please be considerate and clean up any droppings. Parking is free.